former journalists discuss a profession in crisis

Solange DeSantis

Solange DeSantis could have been an editor at a major wire service, working in some of the glitziest world capitals, and earning a six-figure income.  But she turned that opportunity down because her heart was drawn to a different style of reporting, one that focused on people and their stories.  Her reporter’s instincts ultimately led her inside the gates of an auto plant in Toronto that was about to shut down.  She wrote about her experience in a well-received book, Life on the Line: One Woman’s Tale of Work, Sweat and Survival. She discovered that her colleagues in journalism didn’t understand working people, and that sense of apartness bled into the media’s coverage of blue-collar families. Since then, DeSantis’ career has taken many turns, including a five-year stint in the Toronto bureau of The Wall Street Journal.   Now, she’s following her dream and her love for storytelling, writing about the arts. She also has earned a graduate degree in theater education.


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