former journalists discuss a profession in crisis

Praise for Out of the News

These stories leave the reader with the feeling that this was a group that mainstream journalism could ill afford to lose, but could not hold.                         — Columbia Journalism Review

By showing the value of skills learned in good journalism, Wexler shows us the bricks that can be used to rebuild and pave a road back to success. This book connects with journalists on a personal level. It walks the reader through the lives and careers of former journalists step-by-step to their career pinnacles. And it follows them through the problems that force a choice: to stick with the career they loved or take a risk and find their way in unfamiliar territory.
Lauren Hightower-Emerson, Association of Opinion Journalists

There’s food for thought in “Out of the News” for new or aspiring journalists, newsroom veterans and citizen news consumers alike.         
–Susan Parker, Association of Opinion Journalists

Wexler, a newspaper reporter turned lobbyist for the Union of Concerned Scientists, produced the book from probing interviews with 11 journalists who found themselves forced by conscience or circumstance to leave the profession…Probably her most prominent subject is David Simon, the former Baltimore Sun reporter and creator of acclaimed TV shows including The Wire, which devoted one season to the struggles inside an urban newspaper. But the other 10, virtually all from the top ranks of media organizations, have stories just as compelling.    — Milwaukee Magazine 

Celia Wexler has written a compelling narrative of these noted journalists that underscores and illuminates the challenging media environment. Their inspiring stories give hope to all of us who love journalism and realize its importance.                                    — Helen Fallon, Point Park University

Wexler persuasively demonstrates why the crisis in journalism requires our attention. Through elegantly interlacing reporters’ first-person stories with public-policy implications, she provides a primer for those who care about sustaining our democracy.      — Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project on Government Oversight

Celia Wexler writes with great insight and empathy–and timeliness–into why many journalists are leaving the profession. The result is a book that captures key aspects of a profession in the midst of great change                                                                                        — Wes Pippert, Missouri School of Journalism.


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